Explore fun games and activities to teach English to the little ones


Ayo Vanegas

Teaching English to children can be an experience filled with fun and creativity. Incorporating games and playful activities not only makes learning more engaging but also stimulates the interest and active participation of children. Here are some expanded ideas for games and activities to teach English to the little ones.

Simon says in english:

Turn the classic game of "Simon says" into an opportunity to practice English vocabulary. You can give instructions like "Simon says touch your nose" or "Simon says jump."

Objective: Reinforce understanding of instructions in english and encourage active participation.

Vocabulary pictionary:

Organize a version of Pictionary using English words. Children can draw and guess objects, animals, or actions in english.

Objective: Improve english vocabulary and visual expression skills.

Word race:

Place cards with english words in a line. Children must run and touch the correct card according to the word they hear.

Objective: Develop auditory recognition and associate words with images or actions.

Collaborative stories:

Start a story and ask children to continue it, each adding a sentence in english. They can be as creative as they want.

Objective: Encourage oral expression in english and narrative creativity.

Songs and dances:

Use English songs and dances to teach vocabulary and expressions. Incorporate body movements to make it more interactive.

Objective: Reinforce vocabulary through repetition and association with physical actions.

Image memory:

Create cards with images of objects in english and play the Memory game. Children must match the images with their English names.

Objective: Improve visual memory and associate words with images.

Word puzzles:

Create puzzles with english words. Children must assemble the puzzle to reveal the word and its corresponding image.

Objective: Reinforce word recognition and associate them with their graphic representation.

English riddles:

Present riddles in English and encourage children to guess the answer. They can create their own riddles to share with the group.

Objective: Develop logical thinking skills and vocabulary.

By incorporating these fun games and activities into English teaching for children, not only is learning promoted, but also a positive and participative environment is created, making the language more accessible and appealing to young learners. Learn more so that your children can enjoy learning English at www.berlitz.com/en-ec.