Our Berlitz language courses for children and teenagers not only foster your child’s development, but also open the door to global opportunities for them.

Research has shown that children who learn a foreign language at an early age have fewer inhibitions surrounding the new language and can therefore absorb its nuances more easily – in some cases they later speak it without an accent.

Our online language instruction for kids and teenagers helps them uncover their unique talents and improves their understanding of the world, wherever they are. Learning a new language at an early age can enhance cognitive abilities and build confidence in a child - our online platform means there's no need to attend a learning center, they just log in and learn!

The future of language training

Berlitz offers a web-based language program for children that features live online learning. The program combines the power of the proven-effective Berlitz Method and our age-appropriate and engaging Berlitz kids curriculum with leading-edge information technology so your child will learn to speak, listen and think in his or her new language quickly and easily.

Our foreign language tutoring program includes:

  • Free placement test
  • Private language tutoring for kids aged 8–17
  • Tailored programs based on skill level, goals and timeframe
  • Four 45-minute sessions with a live instructor via the Berlitz Virtual Classroom platform
  • Recorded lessons the student can keep for review