The business language group courses accommodate different participants from a single company or full department. Customized training materials focus on areas most relevant to your staff members, guaranteeing success for both employees and the company.

Smaller groups for more personalized learning

Smaller-sized corporate group training allows for more opportunity to interact, engage and converse in the target language.

Our highly qualified native-fluent speaker instructors ensure a perfect pace for the group. Berlitz coordinates with participants to schedule lessons at times that do not conflict with work-related obligations. Appointments can be postponed up until 12 noon the previous working day.


  • Fast and effective learning for all language levels using the Berlitz Method
  • Lessons can take place at a Berlitz center or in your company
  • Flexible lesson cancellation policy
  • Regular feedback and reporting on learners’ progress
  • You specify the number of lessons depending on the language goal of the employees
  • Available for all languages

Only relevant content

Berlitz trainers use content related to your specific industry and business objectives. Employees are prepared to better execute their tasks while simultaneously improving language proficiency and cultural awareness.

With our corporate group instruction your personnel improve their language proficiency in a way that furthers your company results. Contact one of our consultants to discuss group course options either at a Berlitz center or at your company.

Find out more

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