12 Months and 60 Lessons

Blended Learning - CyberTeachers and Phone Lessons

Live instruction over the phone combined with a license for CyberTeachers
Learn with a language instructor who can be reached 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - at any location. In addition you receive a license for unlimited access to the Berlitz web-based learning platform so that you can maximize the learning effect.


  • Intensive and personalized lessons of 30 minutes
  • A broad range of tools like writing assistants, translators, dictionary and vocabulary optimizer.
  • Suitable for every language level

Course Details

Language CentersBlended Learning
Total Lessons60
Course Duration12 months
Start DateAnytime

Rate Information

Tuition CostsNOK 20,490.00
Total CostNOK 20,490.00