Berlitz group language training enables you to do business faster and more efficiently across complex international markets. By learning another language and communication style, your employees can reach new clients and better serve their customers. The broader benefits to both your business and the professional development of your employees make group language classes an excellent investment.​

Smaller groups for more personalized learning

Smaller-sized corporate group training allows for more opportunity to interact, engage and converse in the target language. In our language sessions, up to 12 learners with similar skill sets can benefit from their instructor’s personal attention and are also given the chance to practice conversation with their peers.

Berlitz group language classes for employees include:

  • Closed-group instruction based on the proven Berlitz Method
  • Classes of up to 12 individuals, allowing for lots of interaction with plenty of individual attention
  • Highly trained, native speaking instructors
  • Customizable content that incorporates industry-specific terminology
  • Multiple-platform delivery: classes can be delivered at a Berlitz Learning Center, at your company or online via the Berlitz Virtual Classroom.