Successful leaders recognize the importance of effective cross-cultural communication. Studies have shown that organizations that promote language training for employees enjoy higher levels of productivity.

During private language tutoring sessions, students spend time conversing in the target language, learning idiomatic expressions and focusing on building communication skills that align with your organization’s objectives. Our private language classes are ideal for employees with demanding schedules, and this flexibility is why so many busy professionals choose to learn a new language with us.

Proven advantages for organizations

Learning a new language develops different centers of the brain, resulting in a sharper ability to focus and prioritize tasks. It also opens the door to better cultural understanding, which is a key to meaningful and effective collaboration and connection across borders.

Our private language classes for businesses offer:

  • Quick learning through intensive training
  • Active speaking at least 50% of the time
  • Near instant ability to think and speak in your target language
  • Tailored solutions for your business
  • Full flexibility
  • Courses in almost any language