Private language classes with Berlitz are the fastest way to learn a new language. Our private language classes feature one-on-one lessons with a Berlitz-certified native instructor. Each lesson incorporates the proven Berlitz Method into the curriculum, immersing students in the target language to produce the fastest results.

Our private language classes allow students to dictate the topics covered in each lesson. This level of customization ensures that students learn the specific language skills they need based on their goals. This could mean a greater emphasis on business conversation skills or focusing on travel-related language skills.

Every private language class with Berlitz include cultural training, as well. Cultural training gives students the tools necessary to feel confident using the language with native speakers and abroad. In many ways, the cultural training is as important as the language lessons so that you have the ability to quickly use your language speaking skills in context. The focus of these lessons is on cultural traditions, nonverbal communication and situational language needs.

Online private language classes

With the online private language classes at Berlitz, students interact with an instructor in a one-on-one digital environment. These live, instructor-led lessons feature the same immersive language techniques as in-person classes. The instructor will speak in the target language during all lessons and will focus on conversational language skills.

Private online language classes afford even more flexibility than in-person classes too. On top of the ability to dictate the direction and focus of the lessons based on specific needs and goals, students also have much more flexibility in scheduling classes. Without the added time of travel, students are able to create a class schedule that works much better with their daily lives.

Berlitz online language students get the same level of instructor interaction, more flexibility and to top it off, are also given access to a student portal to keep things organized. Within the portal, students are able to monitor progress and access course materials.

In-person private language classes

Berlitz in-person private language classes allow students to meet with a Berlitz instructor face to face at a Berlitz language center. During the language classes, only the target language is spoken and the focus is on conversational language skills. These aspects of the classes are part of the Berlitz Method, which has proven to be the most effective way to learn a language fast.

The live, face-to-face interaction with a Berlitz instructor can increase the speed of learning. The one-on-one aspect of private classes also allow students to be more involved in determining the focus of the lessons to align with their individual needs and goals.

Find the language center nearest you to sign up for an in-person private language class today.