Discover our Arabic courses for children and teenagers

There are so many benefits to learning Arabic as a child or teenager. Firstly, it can open education, employment, and travel doors; and it also boosts problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening skills. Learning a second language can also improve your child’s memory, concentration, and ability to multitask.
At Berlitz we make learning fun and age-appropriate, so your child gets the best foundation to build strong language skills for life.

Our Arabic program includes:

  • Immersive learning built on our famous Berlitz Method.
  • Native-fluent instructors who specialize in working with children and teenagers.
  • Interactive lessons to build natural communication skills.
  • Age-appropriate lessons and learning materials.
  • Small group and one-on-one instruction.

Learn Arabic for kids and teens

Explore - Arabic course for children from 8 to 11

Kids aged between 8 and 11 (in-person) and 9 and 11 (online) will Explore the world of language while also learning about Arabic cultures and lifestyles. The course will immerse your child in the Arabic language from their very first class, with engaging, age-appropriate activities and content.

Achieve - Arabic course for children from 12 to 15

Perfect for teens, Achieve takes a deeper dive into the Arabic language, providing your teenager with real-world skills that they can use in school or with new friends. Achieve is available online and at your local Berlitz Language Center.

Lead - Arabic course for teens 16 years and older

Perfect for tomorrow’s leaders, this course is designed for teens aged 16 and older. They will gain a sophisticated understanding of Arabic which may help them pursue further academic and career opportunities.

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