Basics and country-specific knowledge

For many managers and leaders, international and intercultural cooperation is already a part of daily working life. Our Berlitz cross-cultural training can support you with the resulting challenges you may be facing.

Our portfolio of options ranges from preparing you for international postings to intercultural competence training, to safety and security training.

Whatever topic you select, you will benefit from our extensive experience and from the professional expertise of our intercultural trainers. You can rely on our proactive, knowledgeable support.

Our process

Step 1: Consultation

In this phase, we complete an analysis to determine what is required to achieve your company’s goals.

Step 2: Design

In this step, we begin to solidify the content of your course. This ensures that your employees attend a course designed to address your company's specific needs.

Step 3: Organization

By the third stage your course is implemented, taking into account everything learned during the previous steps. We also provide support to further enhance the learning experience for your employees and you will be able to continuously monitor the progress and review your targets along the way.

Berlitz is the partner you need in order to take your company to the next level. Contact your local Berlitz center today to get more information and to start the Berlitz training process.

Learn more about the Berlitz Online Live Seminars, and get to know our trainers and the training formats that we offer.

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