Learn to speak Luxembourgish with our immersive course, focusing on practical learning. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, our native-fluent teachers will help you to reach your goals.

Benefits of learning Luxembourgish with Berlitz

  • Customized course plan according to your future goals and needs
  • Our native-fluent instructors always give you feedback to improve your skills
  • Learn at any age! We offer Luxembourgish courses for all ages: kids, teens and adults
  • Immerse yourself in the language with our proven Berlitz Method and speak Luxembourgish from day one

Online Luxembourgish classes

With our online Luxembourgish language classes you can enjoy the highest quality learning experience using the immersive Berlitz Method and customizing the lessons according to your schedule.

All our online Luxembourgish classes are led by Berlitz-certified instructors who will help you to learn to speak the language like a native. We offer three different types of Luxembourgish classes online, so you can choose the type that best matches your needs.

In-person Luxembourgish classes

Our in-person Luxembourgish classes are held at your local language center in Luxembourg, where you can choose to attend group or individual classes. Master the language with the help of our Berlitz-certified native-fluent instructors, dedicated to your success.

The instructors will encourage you to start speaking Luxembourgish from your first class, so you can start to immerse in the language with the Berlitz Method.

Luxembourgish for beginners

Learn Luxembourgish with our immersive approach and get fluent. Our courses are taught in Luxembourgish from the start, led by native-fluent instructors.

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