Berlitz supports businesses, managers, and leaders in increasing their intercultural and management skills. With solid intercultural knowledge and practical business skills, you will be more than able to master the global challenges we all currently face.

We can offer you tailored international management training solutions with a national or global focus for numerous topics and in a variety of formats.

The three steps of our evaluation system:

Step 1: Planning

In this phase, we complete a needs analysis to get a clear picture of what is required to achieve your company’s goals, including defining specific targets, administering language proficiency tests, and designing the course.

Step 2: Implementation

Your employees start their courses during the implementation phase. We provide support at every step of the way and continuously monitor the progress of your staff members. We also provide feedback interviews during which we gain helpful information to further enhance the quality of the course.

Step 3: Evaluation

During the evaluation process, we assess the current results and analyze the progress.

The amount of information collected in the first two phases makes the evaluation stage extremely effective and beneficial for both Berlitz and your company: we learn what is needed for fine-tuning our courses to achieve your goals, and you have a competent partner determined to see your company reach the level of success you envision.

Partnering with Berlitz, you and your employees are one step closer to taking your company to the next level in your respective field. Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information about Berlitz courses for your employees on your premises.


  • Customized programs, catered to suit the needs of your business and teach the skills your staff needs to meet business goals, according to your industry and their job function
  • Training for employees in specific topics that are completely geared towards companies, such as Change Management, Project management, Stress management, and much more
  • The seminar can be booked for 2 days or an entire week
  • Languages available: German, English, and French
  • Flexible group sizes (max 10 students), and individual instruction

Learn more about the Berlitz Online Live Seminars, and get to know our business trainers and the training formats that we offer.

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