Our after school language classes are a fun way for kids of all ages to learn a new language while having fun and improving their social skills. Language classes can be a rewarding extracurricular activity and could even give your child an academic advantage.

Boost their confidence

Our instructors teach children the basics of their new language so they can comfortably chat with others and gain confidence around their peers. The supportive group environment fosters interaction between students through age-appropriate lessons that help broaden their world view.

Our after school language program includes:

  • Language learning based on the conversational Berlitz Method
  • Specially trained native-fluent instructors
  • Ample opportunity for speaking, listening and engaging with others
  • Age-appropriate curriculum and materials (ages 4-17)
  • Customized program lengths at a Berlitz learning center or offsite location

Ready to enroll?

Contact us below and we can start your child's language learning journey.