Practice-based online corporate training – live instruction that’s not tied to a specific location

We are committed to meeting your continuing education needs. And with the Berlitz Online Live Seminars, we offer you management and intercultural training in the form of interactive live seminars in our virtual classroom.

How our online business seminars work:

  • 2 live sessions of 90 minutes each
  • Preparatory and intermediate tasks for greater comprehension of the contents
  • Interactive teaching of seminar topics in small groups (max. 12 participants)

Berlitz online live seminars: your benefits

  • Gain valuable momentum for your professional success
  • Highly intensive and in line with real-world professional practices
  • Continuing education that’s not tied to a specific location
  • Easy to integrate into your daily work routine
  • Online corporate training accessible from anywhere

Would you like to arrange a seminar for the employees in your company? Learn more here about the seminar topics and formats we can offer you.

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