Intensive French courses - Total immersion

Learn French with our unique program - Total Immersion. It is the best way to dive into the language and speak it with confidence. Whether you’re getting ready for an interview, giving an online presentation to people from other countries, or leading a business meeting in French, our immersive French classes are designed to learn the language quickly.

During your immersive French program, you will meet every day with two teachers who will apply 100% personalized content simulating situations that you will face in real life. This way, you will have the necessary skills for the circumstances you will be exposed to.

Benefits of immersive French program at Berlitz

  • Accelerated learning and quick progress
  • One-to-one individual instructor attention
  • Personalized lesson plan
  • Continuous instructor feedback

Choose your intensive French course

Total Immersion

  • 12 lessons of 45 minutes per day over 5 days
  • Flexible starting date
  • Lunch in a restaurant with your teacher
  • Daily double lessons with 2 instructors
  • Practice real-life situations

The Intensive French classes are for those who:

  • Want to learn French quickly
  • Focus on specific skills
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Have business meetings with colleagues from abroad