Learn to speak German like a native with Berlitz’ German courses. Customized to suit your goals and lifestyle, our classes teach you the language as well as the cultural aspects of delivery, so you learn to speak naturally as well as fluently.

Whether you’re learning German for travel, work or social reasons, our immersive language learning techniques will get you fluent fast.

Benefits of learning German with Berlitz

  • Choose the German course that’s just right for you. We offer a variety of group and private German programs.
  • Customize your schedule to integrate your German lessons in your busy lifestyle.
  • We offer classes for all proficiency levels.
  • You will be communicating in German from your first class thanks to our immersive Berlitz Method.

In-person German courses

If you prefer learning in-person, then German lessons at your local Berlitz language center are perfect for you.

Led by a friendly Berlitz certified instructor, most of your language class will be spent in-language, with engaging practical activities designed to get you fluent fast.

Whether you choose to learn in a group, or one-on-one with your instructor, you will walk away from every class with a more developed German skill-set and the motivation and confidence to continue on your journey.

Why learn German?

Popular through the business and cultural capitals of Europe, the German language is spoken by over 120 million people worldwide. If you’re interested in a career in science, German is the second most widely used scientific language, and it is also an important language in the world of academia. In fact, German universities are consistently ranked the most in-demand for international students, offering world-class educational and career opportunities for students and alumni.