Get the skills you need to confidently and correctly converse with native Korean speakers, by learning with the Berlitz Method. Perfected over 140 years of teaching, the Berlitz Method will develop your language skills, as well as the cultural language nuances that ensure your thoughts are conveyed correctly.

Benefits of learning Korean with Berlitz

  • Study how you want. Berlitz offers a number of study formats so you can learn in a group or by yourself in a private class.
  • Arrange your schedule to mix Korean lessons into your busy life.
  • Classes are available for all proficiency levels.
  • You will be communicating in Korean from your first class using our proven effective Berlitz Method.

In-person Korean classes

Learn in-person from one of our Berlitz certified native-fluent instructors. Designed to keep you motivated, interested and engaged, our in-person Korean lessons can be done in a group, or one-on-one. Focusing on your speaking skills, you will spend most of the time actually speaking and practicing Korean, speeding up your learning journey and encouraging natural conversation skills.

Find out if there is a Berlitz language center location near you to explore in-person class options.

Why learn Korean?

Popular across Asia, the Korean language is spoken by around 77 million people. Built around the sounds of the language (phonetics) the Korean language is one of the easier languages to learn, and it is a great gateway language for the Asia region. Learning Korean will also improve your listening and memory skills, and will give you a greater understanding of cultures outside of your own. Meanwhile, if you’re hoping to do business in Korea or work closely with Korean companies, learning the language is a mark of respect and will help you navigate the landscape in a more effective way.

Both North and South Korea indicate Korean as the official language, while the language is also popular in areas of China, Japan and Russia. With major corporations and a variety of tourist attractions, learning Korea can open up professional and social opportunities.