Couple cultural understanding with fluent language skills to navigate any conversation in Japanese thanks to the proven Berlitz Method of language education. 

With over 140 years of experience teaching languages to millions of people across the globe, you can rest assured that when you learn Japanese with Berlitz you will get fluent fast.

Whether you want to unlock business or career opportunities with the Japanese language, want to travel the country and experience the culture on a deeper level, or you want to converse with friends in their native language, Berlitz can tailor Japanese classes to meet your goals.

Benefits of learning Japanese with Berlitz

  • Choose to study in a way that fits your learning style and preferences. Berlitz offers multiple learning formats: you can study with private or group classes.
  • Learn cultural nuances alongside the language, so you can converse with confidence in any situation.
  • Tailor your timetable to fit Japanese lessons into your busy life.
  • Learn at any level, with classes catering to all proficiency levels.
  • You will be communicating in Japanese from your first session, thanks to our immersive language learning framework.

Develop your skills with Japanese lessons

Enjoy the interaction of in-person learning at your local Berlitz language center. You can choose to learn in a group and practice speaking Japanese with your new friends, or learn one-one one for a more customized learning experience.

Your classes will scaffold onto each other, to build your language skills every week, with up to 80% of class time spent actively speaking Japanese.

Why learn Japanese?

Travel, history, business, technology, art, adventure, fine cuisine, culture: Japan has it all. Learning Japanese will open up opportunities for you, whether it be in business, as a student, or a member of a global village. Japanese is spoken by around 130 million people worldwide. It is an important business language, being the third largest economy in the world with 52 Fortune 500 companies located in the country. Japan is also a leader in technology and innovation, so if you are interested in a career in these sectors, it is a valuable skill to have. Japan is also a major cultural influencer, with its food, art, music, and fashion increasingly in demand. Finally, it is a major travel destination, which makes learning Japanese very important for anyone interested in exploring the island nation.