Need to learn English for work? Or perhaps you are looking to study at an English language university, or you just want to be able to speak English with friends— whatever your reason, at Berlitz, we can get you fluent fast.


Why learn with Berlitz

At Berlitz, we make our English courses engaging, fun, and practical, giving you a strong set of English language skills that you can use in any situation with total confidence.

Our English courses in Jakarta are specifically designed to give you real-world skills, so you learn the natural flow of English—just like native speakers.

You will also get plenty of time to practice your new skills and receive feedback on your development, with up to 80 percent of your class time spent actively speaking English.

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The Berlitz Method

Our world-renowned Berlitz Method is based on immersive learning and is the fastest way to learn English in Jakarta.

You will begin speaking and understanding English from your very first lesson. You will be guided by your native-fluent instructor who will support you to develop a natural, free-flowing command of English.

Each class will focus on a specific goal and will build your skills from the ground up with in-language conversations and interactive activities. Our English language schools in Jakarta also train you in the cultural nuance of English, so you learn not only what to say, but how to say it.

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Benefits of learning English

English is spoken across the globe: there are over 1.35 billion English speakers across the world, making it the third most spoken language. When you learn English, you open up a world of opportunities in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, and many more countries.

English can help you get a job: learning English will help you stand out in the job market, particularly if you’re looking to work in an English-speaking country.

Study overseas: if you’re interested in studying at an English language school or university, then being able to speak and understand English is a must.

Explore movies, music, and culture: when you learn English, you can begin to explore thousands of new movies, books, television shows, music, and cultural opportunities that will delight, inspire and entertain you.

Traveling with ease: understanding English while travelling through English-speaking countries will help you get the most out of your experience. You’ll be able to see and do more things, make new friends, and try new experiences with confidence.

In-person English courses in Jakarta

Private classes

If you have specific goals and a short time to achieve them, then working one-on-one with a private instructor will give you the individual attention that you need to meet your objectives.

Group classes

Our small group English classes in Jakarta are a great way to gain strong language skills in a supportive group of peers. Small enough to ensure personalized attention, but social enough to give you plenty of opportunities to practice English conversation, these classes will immerse you in English and get you the results you want.

Intensive classes

Learn English faster than you imagined possible by immersing yourself in our intensive English courses which will take you from beginner to fluent in just months.

We only offer online classes at the moment.

Online English classes

If you are too busy to make it to our Berlitz Language Centre, we offer flexible online courses to suit everyone. You’ll get the same high-quality interactive experience as with in-person classes, but with the convenience of learning from wherever you happen to be.

Other language classes in Jakarta

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