Excellent professionals, passionate about languages

Good trainers are a prerequisite for any effective learning experience! At Berlitz, we take the selection of our trainers very seriously. All of our trainers have the knowledge and skills to effectively and quickly take your language skills to the next level. More than competent professionals, Berlitz trainers are passionate about languages ​​and cultures.

A look at the world of the Berlitz language trainer

  • Native-fluent speakers with professional teaching experience
  • Teachers specially trained to lead lessons with children and adolescents
  • Continuous training in pedagogy and teaching methodology
  • Optimal efficiency of the tools used during language training
  • Training plans based on the most recent research in the field
  • Consultants with business experience for our business-oriented courses

The emphasis is on guaranteeing the competence of Berlitz trainers, and thereby on the rigor and relevance of the course content. Berlitz's success depends on your success! When you enroll in a Berlitz language course, be sure to find the best trainers to take you forward, and to work with materials designed to optimize your learning experience. In such a context, staying motivated has never been so easy!