With Berlitz private instruction, you'll experience learning custom designed to meet just one schedule and one set of objectives - yours. You'll receive one-on-one coaching and concentrate on reaching your objectives with a flexible program personalized exclusively for you.

Flexible language learning

Lessons are catered to your schedule and learning style, so no matter how many classes you take per week, you'll be on your way to fluency in your new language from day one.

Private language lessons are for those who: 

  • Prefer personalized instruction 
  • Like to learn at your own pace—you decide how fast or slow to take this course 
  • Want maximum opportunities to speak and practice your new language

We offer two types of Private language classes, to cater to different needs:

Individual Instruction Fixed

Would you like to learn a language quickly, but only have a limited amount of time available each week? Do you also value flexible course planning and an individual timetable?

Individual Instruction Flex

The ultimate in flexibility. With this option you have full flexibility with regard to the number of lessons, timetable, and length of contract.

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