Businessmen and women around the world work together with companies in German-speaking countries; learning German will improve your marketability at companies that deal with organizations in places such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Whether you are a beginner or want to further enhance existing skills, Berlitz offers a wide range of courses and services designed to quickly boost your ability to speak German.

Learn German fast and effectively

Learning German with Berlitz can be a rewarding experience—you work directly with a native speaker and learn fast in a natural way. You may choose to have one-on-one courses or group courses designed for a small number of participants to ensure you get the attention you need. In both cases the trainers apply the Berlitz Method, based on total immersion in German. This method focuses on speaking, and in no time at all you will feel more confident conversing in German. What's more, content is selected according to your professional field and personal interests, which means you can immediately apply what you learn in class to your day-to-day professional life.

Virtual learning flexibility to help you learn German

Work often demands travel, and this can get in the way of attending a course. With the Berlitz Virtual Classroom, you can seamlessly integrate your German course into your schedule. Learn German from anywhere with internet access in a one-on-one or group virtual setting. Simply log in and learn German with a native speaker from the comfort of wherever you may be.

Another online resource at Berlitz is the CyberTeachers platform. The platform contains online lessons and materials to assist you in your language acquisition. What's more, lessons are customized to accommodate your particular requirements, further maximizing what you take away from your Berlitz experience. The platform can be used on its own or coupled with a face-to-face or virtual course, and the 24/7 availability of the service, meaning you really can learn German whenever it suits you best. With such flexibility, there is nothing to keep you from learning German quickly and efficiently.