Open group offers a combination of effectiveness and convenience. The groups are composed by bringing together people of the same linguistic level and with similar professional goals meeting online once a week in small group of just 3 to 5 people.

Just as in physical lessons, immersion is key. In small groups of participants, your employees learn the language through speaking, honing their grammar and vocabulary through conversation. All they need to get to class is an internet connection and a headset with a microphone!


  • Accessible to individuals
  • Flexible schedule and no travel time
  • Qualified native speaker instructors, trained to use the Berlitz Method
  • Lessons can be repeated at any time thanks to the record function
  • Placement test for determining the current level of language skill

Ongoing evaluation and measurement of goal-achievement

Trainings are supported by a robust Learning Management System. Regular quizzes and a final examination give you and your staff members a comprehensive overview of their progress. Instructors select course materials relevant to your employees' industry or department, which ensures the applicability of their new or improved skills within your company structure. Feedback from you and from learners allows Berlitz trainers to further fine-tune lesson content to achieve the desired results. The convenience of the virtual classroom coupled with the effectiveness of the Berlitz Method is a sure recipe for success.

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