The perfect language-learning adventure

What is the secret to the success of our popular Berlitz camps? Combining language learning and culture with fun free-time and sports activities. Held all over the world during all school vacations, the camps allow 7- to 17-year-olds to actively learn English, French, German, or Spanish all day long, completely immersing themselves in the target language from the time they get up to the time they go to bed.

Motivating language lessons in the morning encourage the young participants to speak, while in the afternoons and evenings, they continue to learn without even realizing it during a wide array of activities.

Thousands of children and teenagers attend Berlitz language camps every year. We hope to welcome your child soon!


  • Covering all school vacations
  • Combines instruction, sports activities, and creative workshops
  • Experienced, native-fluent camp counsellors
  • Learning by doing – the target language is spoken the entire day
  • Success boosts motivation

Why learn with Berlitz?

Curated content

We develop lesson plans and provide materials that are age-appropriate for the group, including lessons that embrace a global perspective. With each class, our instructors modify their lesson plans to fit the group of students to maximize learning potential.

Interactive lessons

Our unique approach emphasizes conversation, allowing students to grow their confidence in their new language, keeping them actively engaged. Students are encouraged to interact with their fellow students, improving their abilities to navigate a group setting and build social skills.

Native-fluent instructors

Our certified instructors are specially trained in teaching children and continually adapt their lessons around each group. Their native language skills provide a solid foundation for developing natural conversation, proper sentence structure and continued growth.

Explore different cultures

Learning with Berlitz is more than just language. Your child will be immersed in culture, enabling them to increase their cultural awareness, tolerance and truly expand their world to new ideas to become better global citizens.

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