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The Berlitz Method is an immersive and goal orientated language learning technique that focuses on real life communication rather than the rules of grammar.

Flexible and Personalized

Berlitz offers training in-person and online for maximum flexibility with programs tailored to meet personal objectives anytime, anywhere.


Berlitz immerses people in the language and culture of their chosen destination from day one, leading to faster results and significant return on investment.


Berlitz incorporates cultural understanding into language learning to help people more effectively use their language skills in social and business situations.

What else can I learn with Berlitz?

In addition to our language instruction, you can take advantage of our intercultural courses. Of course you can also connect the dots between these three skill areas. For example, have you taken an international assignment in Japan and need a language course as well as intercultural training? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In our language courses, you learn more than just new vocabulary. After all, we take great pride in offering a holistic approach. This means we also provide a cultural context and apply psychological research findings to ensure effective language learning. So you’ll not only feel at home speaking the language, but you’ll also feel comfortable in the new culture as well – and of course you’ll always have access to the best learning strategies.

What other advantages does Berlitz offer?

Berlitz has a global network of 550 language schools in 70 countries. You’ll enjoy the same high standards at every one of our centers. No matter if you start with a language course in Munich and continue in Paris, or if you’re a manager who wants to provide the same training to your colleagues in New York and in Japan – thanks to our global network, we can guarantee that exactly the same language courses are offered at all our locations. And whether you prefer in-person instruction or learning completely or partially online, Berlitz offers you a broad range of onsite, online, or blended learning solutions, providing you with the best opportunities for learning success.

We offer you practice-based continuing education solutions in a variety of formats in the areas of language skills, intercultural skills, and management and leadership skills. Overlap and synergies add genuine value for you.

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