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Berlitz language camps are nothing like traditional school lessons. While in school a lot of new material is mostly learnt in the form of vocabulary and grammar, we in the camp place our focus on active speaking. Interviews, role-plays and language games are some of the lively teaching elements, and are great fun as well. The children and teens quickly gain the confidence to speak freely, and learn intuitively how to use the language correctly. By the way, everyone can join in - regardless of their language level. The language level assessment takes place on-site at the start of every camp. Then the groups of 8-10 participants are formed according to level.

Learning progress at Berlitz kids and teens camps means first and foremost:

• Speaking more freely and fluently
• Improved pronunciation
• Improved listening comprehension
• A larger active vocabulary
• Greater assurance when applying grammatical rules
• Confidence and motivation to learn
• Quicker learning success, even for beginners
• A greater fun factor


Our experience:

  • No hidden extra costs: Berlitz's top service package
  • Full-board accommodation and catering
  • The complete lesson program and the selected leisure program
  • All equipment for sports, workshops and the evening program
  • At ideal ratio of supervisors to children

Kids Camp 2024 – SHOW TIME!


  • 4-21 July 2024 - Břežany Farm, (Břežany u Rakovníka)
  • 18-25 Aug 2024 - Bořetínský Statek, (Bořetín)

Special price: 13 495 CZK

As a BONUS take advantage of the 500 CZK discount for siblings/friends!

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Kids Camp

Kids Camp, anglický tábor pro děti
Anglický tábor Kids Camp pro děti
Anglický tábor Kids Camp pro děti