English lessons for kids in primary school - Explore

Our English course for kids is designed to make learning fun. Your kid will be fully immersed in the English language through activities and content appropriate for children from 8 to 10 years old.

Our online English courses for kids are taught by instructors who are qualified in teaching children and adolescents. They will ensure that your child makes the most of their learning experience.

By completing the four levels of the Explore course your children will be able to:

  • engage in simple and short conversations on familiar topics, in the present, past, and future
  • talk about their daily routine, vacations, and future plans
  • understand and send simple oral messages
  • ask and answer questions about what they like and what they don't like
  • give simple opinions about topics of interest

The English content used in our classes was developed by National Geographic Learning. It contains images and topics of interest according to the age of the children and young people.


Frequently Asked Questions

English lessons for kids in primary school

All our programs can be adapted to your schedule. In addition, the Explore course is also available in virtual mode, so your children can learn from anywhere.

Our instructors offer all necessary support and feedback throughout the learning process. Your child’s instructor will be aware of any difficulties and monitor their progress over the duration of the course.

One of our priorities is that classes are fun. We help our students grow and flourish through language, cultural understanding, and skills that will serve them throughout their lives.