Open the door to opportunity

Learning a new language is the key to a world of opportunities for kids and teens. Not only will your child be exposed to a new language, but language classes for kids with Berlitz include cultural elements that enable them to more easily understand and accept other cultures and ideas, as well as create curiosity for travel and new experiences.

Berlitz offers school holiday language courses for kids in Dutch and English. The courses take place over 2 weeks in the mornings (9.00-12.00) at our language center in Amsterdam. Please click here to learn more about our summer academy.

After completing our summer program, your child will have the skills to communicate in their new language as well as a broader cultural understanding. Our teams are ready to help open doors of opportunity for your child.

What makes the Berlitz summer academy different?

Our unique emphasis on conversation engages children and gets them talking from the very beginning, emphasizing authentic pronunciation and consistent participation. This encourages authentic verbal interaction throughout each session, both between students and the instructor, as well as with one another. Each lesson is interactive and full immersion, meaning that the teacher and students speak only in the target language.

Our class sizes are small groups with up to 6 students, grouped by age and skill level so that classes can be most effective. This format helps students more easily engage with each other and the instructor and rapidly see results.

Our summer courses also feature cultural experiences that engage students outside of the classroom.

We also believe in celebrating achievements at Berlitz and our summer academy includes a Celebration of Skills and Certificate at the end of the program.

* A group has a minimum of 3 participants. In case the minimum is not reached, Berlitz offers an alternative option as a shorter course.  2 participants = 1-week classes. When there is only one participant we will discuss the options with the parents. Berlitz informs the participants 2 weeks prior to the start in case the minimum is not reached.

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Contact us today with your questions. We can work together to find the course that’s right for you – with no obligation on your part. Your Berlitz team will contact you shortly.