Our instructor-led private online language classes allow you to learn one-on-one with a live instructor in an online environment. All private online language classes use the proven immersive Berlitz Method in the curriculum, providing the fastest, most efficient language learning available. Best of all, these language classes offer a level of customization that is perfect for language learners that need scheduling flexibility or have specific language learning goals.

Online language learning with a live instructor

All Berlitz online language classes feature live instruction with a Berlitz-certified native-fluent instructor. With our private online language classes, you will learn one-on-one with an instructor, allowing you to get more attention and to customize the curriculum based on your learning needs. The one-on-one interaction with your instructor gives you the ability to focus more on the areas you need to work on. That could be grammar, speaking, listening or a specific niche language ability that you need to focus on.

With Berlitz, you will be able to directly speak with your instructor to determine the direction and focus of the class. This level of interaction is what sets the Berlitz online language classes apart from traditional online language classes.

Learn where and when you want

Online language learning provides the flexibility to streamline you language learning. You will be able to learn at your own pace and remove the obstacles for getting to a physical location.