With Berlitz Virtual Classroom you can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to learn a language with an experienced, native-fluent speaking Berlitz instructor, from wherever you happen to be. 

Our innovative and modern way of learning, with real classes and real teachers, allows you to have high quality, and personalized tuition in more than 40 languages. You also have the same quality and effectiveness of the conversational Berlitz Method wherever you are.

You’ll have scheduled lessons and tasks to complete. It offers effective online language learning for individuals. 

Learn a language online

Berlitz Virtual Classroom is the ideal learning option to fit around your busy life. It is a live, online language class that allows you to learn at home or in the office, on your own personal schedule. You can get immediate feedback.


  • One-on-one, live, online language instruction
  • Multi-device experience on PC, Mac, mobiles and tablets
  • Same learning content as on-site courses
  • Virtual tools and lesson recording for preparation and follow-up
  • Focus on your language-learning needs and goals

How it works

  • All you need is a laptop, mobile or tablet and a headset with a microphone
  • Simply log in to your personal BVC web page, and you’re ready to go
  • 45 minute lessons, each with a clear goal - for progress every time

The future of language training

Modern technology in conjunction with the proven Berlitz Method ensures a flexible, uncomplicated and success-oriented learning experience. Conducted by native-fluent speaker instructors in real-time as individual or group instruction and 100% in the target language, Berlitz Virtual Classroom allows you to gain more language skills over the web.