Our kids and teens language courses let your child have fun and stay motivated while taking the plunge into foreign-language learning. This opens up new opportunities – at school or in their later career choices. These language courses can be taken during the regular school year, on an ongoing basis. 

LOOK & SEE For children 4-7 years old. With the LOOK & SEE program, learning English is fun! Specially trained teachers use the unique Berlitz® teaching method, thanks to which young students do not even notice that they are actually learning. It uses the natural way children learn: games, creations, presentations and other activities. Many beautiful animals from National Geographic Learning take the children through the program.

LOOK For children 8-11 years old. Let children discover the world while naturally learning a foreign language. This program has been developed in collaboration with world-famous National Geographic Learning. During each lesson, children get excited about discovering new information, as are scientists, authors and photographers from travel magazines. Children are taught by teachers using the excellent Berlitz® teaching method. They also learn fun and fascinating information from amazing pictures and special videos.

Time Zones For children 12-15 years old. Teenagers need to get excited about something first. And that's exactly what Time Zones can do – it is an attractive program during which teachers – native speakers – mainly focus on conversation and the practical use of a foreign language. It is not at all boring: National Geographic Learning participated in the creation of the program, and teenagers have the opportunity to find out in a fun way how the world of science and technology works and what history or geography hides. Our teaching will be interesting for young people also because we use the most modern teaching devices. Your teenagers will definitely love the lessons!

IMPACT For children 16+ years old. The four-level IMPACT program is designed exclusively for older teenagers. The new study materials have been developed in collaboration with world-famous National Geographic Learning. The program will not only expand their language skills and understanding but will also help them to orientate themselves on a global level and pave their own way.

Our foreign language tutoring program includes:

  • Private language tutoring for kids aged 4–16+
  • Tailored programs based on skill level, goals and time frame
  • Materials developed in cooperation with National Geographic Learning
  • In-person sessions with an instructor at one of our Berlitz learning centers or online via Zoom or Berlitz Virtual Classroom

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