IELTS exam preparation courses with Berlitz Algeria

Our IELTS preparation courses are customized to fit your goals and learning style. Berlitz offers various options, so whether you prefer learning in private or with other people, online or face-to-face, we have a class for you. Make sure that you are geared toward your learning goals and begin preparing for your IELTS exam with Berlitz Algeria!

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IELTS exams - proof of your English skills

The IELTS is your international „English driver's license“ for success in education and employment. When it comes to a coveted college place in Algeria or landing your dream job, there is no better alternative than IELTS. Students who take our preparation courses have a high success rate of passing the exam.

IELTS – International English Language Testing System

Some 1.4 million people yearly prepare for a business or private stay abroad with the internationally recognized IELTS test.

Instruction at Algerian universities is typically offered in English, so a successful IELTS examination upon admission can prove useful when seeking higher education. It is used for job applications and immigration purposes as well.

After attending IELTS exam preparation at Berlitz Algeria, you will be familiar with the demanding test procedure and have the confidence you need to pass this exam.

About the IELTS examination:

  • it lasts about three hours
  • you will be tested for listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills
  • results range from 1 („non-user“) to 9 („expert-user“)
  • universities require a 6-6.5 score for applications
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Advantages of IELTS exam preparation with Berlitz Algeria:

  • Enjoy private exam preparation
  • Attend your IELTS preparation course face-to-face or online
  • Have native-fluent trainers
  • Receive targeted instructions for the test
  • Gain self-confidence for the exam with intensive practice beforehand

You can take IELTS preparation classes in Algiers and Oran with Berlitz. Our language centers offer in-person and online preparation courses in a private setting.

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Steps to successfully pass the IELTS test

  • Assess your current English level with a test at one of our Berlitz language centers in Algiers and Oran.
  • Get feedback on your chances of success from our experts.
  • If you are at or above level 4 on the Berlitz language proficiency scale, you can start preparing for IELTS right away!
  • Enroll in one of our IELTS exam preparation courses.
  • Prepare for IELTS with our Berlitz native-fluent instructors.
  • Pass the exam successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can take an IELTS preparation course in one of our Berlitz language centers across Algeria. Our centers offer in-person and online classes in a private setting.

You can prepare for IELTS at:

Students can take IELTS preparation courses if they are at level 4 on the Berlitz language proficiency scale or above.