Foreign language learning is highly beneficial for kids and teens. Communicating in a new language gives them confidence, improves their cognitive abilities, and develops their social skills. Our group language lessons for kids mix quick progress and fun activities with an environment encouraging self-expression.

Students looking through their notes together during a group language class for kids and teens with Berlitz Algeria

Group language learning for children with Berlitz Algeria

In-person group courses for kids and teens

Our kids and teens group courses let your child have fun and stay motivated while taking the plunge into foreign-language learning. This opens up new opportunities – at school or in their later career choices.

Your kids can learn their chosen foreign language in regular after-school lessons at your local Berlitz language center in Algeria between September and April.

Benefits of our group language lessons for kids:

  • Small and age-appropriate groups
  • Native-fluent instructors
  • Flexible and customizable classes

Group language learning for children is available in English. Arabic, French, German, Spanish, and other languages are available upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students are grouped based on their language skills and form classes of 9 participants.

By taking group language classes with Berlitz Algeria, your child can enjoy language learning to the fullest:

  • Students are on the same level and can progress towards their goals together.
  • Group courses include exciting activities like role-plays, quizzes, and conversations.
  • Your kid can improve their conversation skills during discussions with their instructor and other students.
  • Due to speaking exercises with classmates, your child's confidence when speaking their new language will skyrocket.
  • Group classes are a great opportunity to make some friends!

Kids and teens can be enrolled in group language courses at two Berlitz language centers:

Yes, children can participate in our Berlitz summer camps starting in mid-June. This one-month-long program includes various activities based on speaking skills, English classes for kids, games, and theatre plays, and it takes place in our language centers in Algiers and Oran. Children are grouped based on their ages and learn English while having fun.