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Unlock a world of culture, art, and opportunity for your kid with our French lessons for children. The fifth most widely spoken language on the planet, French is spoken on all five continents across the globe. It is the language of the arts, fashion, and gastronomy and opens doors in the higher education and international job markets.

We offer three French for kids programs, based on the age of participants, and tailored to their developmental stages with age-appropriate lessons, activities, and materials.

Girls chatting and eating ice cream after their French class with Berlitz Algeria

A boost for the brain

Research has found that children who learn a second language may be more creative, better at problem-solving, faster learners, and connect easier with different cultures.

Children also find it much easier than adults to learn a second (or third) language because their brain's language center is still developing.

Kids talking to each other in French during a French class with their Berlitz instructor

Our French for young learners program includes:

  • Learning based on our proven Berlitz Method
  • Highly trained instructors specialized in working with kids and teens
  • Interaction and communication skills development
  • Age-appropriate activities and materials

Learn French for kids and teens

Explore – French courses for kids aged 8 to 11 years

Explore is available online and in-person. Through the course, your child will explore the French culture and language with fun and stimulating content and conversation.

Achieve – Learn French for teens aged 12 – 15 years

With the Achieve program, we offer French for teens online and in person and ground them with useful, real-world language skills and a better understanding of the nuances of French culture.

Lead – French for teens aged 16+

Lead is available online and in person and is an efficient way to learn French for teens. The program will develop your teenager's leadership skills and cultural awareness through the French language and in-depth cultural understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer French language courses for children in Algeria at two Berlitz language centers:

To save time commuting, we also offer online classes for kids at Berlitz Algeria.

French is the only language besides English spoken on all five continents, and it is also commonly used in Algeria. Because of this, learning French will improve your child's educational and career aspects. By learning with Berlitz Algeria's French classes, your child will:

  • have the opportunity to learn in a group with other motivated students or enjoy the undivided attention of their native-fluent instructor in a private setting
  • attain language skills through various fun and engaging activities
  • speak their target language from their very first lesson
  • gain useful, real-world conversation and listening skills

You can find the right French course for kids and teens based on their age and their experience with the language. Berlitz Algeria offers various language programs for kids:

  • Our Explore program introduces children between 8 and 11 to their new language and culture.
  • Our Achieve program for kids aged 12-15 will help your child improve their language skills and gain useful real-world experience.
  • With our Lead program for teens ages 16, students learn about leadership and the importance of cultural understanding.