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Dive into the French language and immerse yourself in practical in-language lessons with a native-fluent Berlitz instructor. Whether you’re learning the language for work, travel, education, or just the love of it, with Berlitz, you can customize your learning to match your goals.

Benefits of French language learning with Berlitz Algeria

  • We offer French lessons in different formats: you can study in pairs, in our group language classes, study with private lessons, or attend an online language course — whatever suits you.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to fill your learning schedule with a mix of in-person and online French classes.
  • Learn at any age! We have French classes for kids and teens, as well as language lessons for adults. We also offer group classes for companies looking to upskill their employees in French.
  • Our proven Berlitz Method is one of the fastest ways to fluency and will have you speaking French from day one.
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Online French classes

When you learn French online, you can enjoy the highest quality learning experience with our immersive Berlitz Method, as well as the flexibility to learn when you want, where you want, and at a pace that suits you.

All our online French courses are led by Berlitz-certified instructors in a live online environment, so you get instant feedback and supportive guidance.

We offer three different types of French classes online, so you can choose the type that best matches your needs.

When you are selecting the class that best suits you, be sure to consider:

  • How quickly do you want to learn French
  • Your current knowledge and skill level with the language
  • Your budget
  • Your online learning preferences
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In-person French courses

A fast track to French fluency, our in-person French courses are held at one of our language centers in Algeria. Here, you can learn socially in a group or individually, with a Berlitz-certified native-fluent instructor dedicated to your success.

Your instructor will guide your classes using our proven Berlitz Method, which ensures you spend most of your lesson actively speaking French through engaging conversations, quizzes, and other activities.

Check the location of our language school in Algeries or get the address of our language school in Oran and start your French lessons today face-to-face with an instructor.

Woman drinking coffee after attending he French class with Berlitz Algeria

French lessons for beginners

It's never too late to start learning French. With our unique approach, you’ll be engaged from your very first lesson and speak your new language much sooner than you think!

Why start French language learning?

French is the only language besides English spoken on all five continents, and by 2050 it is projected to overtake English as the most widely spoken language in the world. Many companies, both locally and internationally, value employees who can converse in French, so having a working understanding of the language can boost your career opportunities. If you are a lover of literature or art, then learning French will help you expand your artistic horizons, with a wealth of works waiting to be discovered. French is also an incredibly handy language to have while traveling in Europe. You will gain a deeper understanding of the culture, history, and heartbeat of each city by understanding the language. You will also make friends with the locals and find out about eateries and points of interest outside the usual tourist paths.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can take in-person French courses in Algeria at two Berlitz language centers:

If you want to save time commuting, you can also take online French classes with Berlitz.

Before you start learning French with Berlitz Algeria, one of our instructors will conduct an oral exam with you via the phone to ensure we get you the class that suits you the best. You can also take our online placement test to assess your current language level. After completing the oral test, our expert team will recommend you a course that fits your level. We offer beginner French courses as well as classes for intermediate and advanced students.

Yes, you can. Berlitz Algeria offers multiple options for online language learning:

French is the only language besides English spoken on all five continents, and it is also commonly used in Algeria. Because of this, learning French will improve your educational and career aspects. By learning with Berlitz Algeria's French classes, you will:

  • have the opportunity to learn in a group with other motivated students or enjoy the undivided attention of your native-fluent instructor in a private setting
  • attain language skills through various fun and engaging activities
  • speak French from your very first lesson
  • gain useful, real-world conversation and listening skills

You can decide which French course suits you the best based on your goals and preferences. Berlitz Algeria offers French lessons for all ages and learning styles:

  • In-person group lessons allow students to express themselves through natural conversations with each other and progress together.
  • Face-to-face private classes are a preferred choice for students who are looking for the undivided attention of their instructor to improve their skills.
  • Online group courses are best for people who prefer learning in a social environment and want to cut time on commuting.
  • Online private classes are a good choice if you want a personalized learning journey in an online setting.
  • Online self-study is perfect for individual learners who want to focus on their specific language goals and proceed at their own speed.
  • Intensive French courses are the best fit for those who want to improve their skills at an even faster pace.
  • French courses for kids and teens offer young learners a combination of fun and effective learning method.