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Open a world of opportunities for your child with our Spanish language lessons for young learners. The second most spoken language in the world, Spanish can connect kids and teens with rich cultural experiences, as well as build career, education, and life opportunities as they grow and develop.

We offer three programs based on the age of participants, and tailored to their developmental stages with age-appropriate lessons, activities, and materials.

A boost for the brain

Research has found that children who learn a second language may be more creative, better at problem-solving, faster learners, and find it easier to connect with different cultures.

Children also find it much easier than adults to learn a second (or third) language because the language center of their brain is still in development.

Kids and their dad taking an online Spanish course with Berlitz Algeria

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Online Spanish courses

Fun, educational and stimulating, our online courses are available for children as young as eight years. Led by Berlitz-certified native-fluent language instructors, Spanish language lessons for young learners teach through experiential learning and motivating challenges.

Our online courses are perfect for kids and teens who need to fit language learning around their lives.

Girl listening to her instructor during her online Spanish lesson with Berlitz Algeria

Our Spanish program includes:

Learn Spanish for kids and teens

Explore – Spanish lessons for kids aged 8-11 years

Explore is available online. Throughout the course, your child will explore the rich and vibrant Spanish language and culture, building valuable skills and a genuine love of the language.

Achieve – Learn Spanish for teens aged 12 – 15 years

With Achieve, Spanish for teens is available online. This course will take your teens on a deeper dive into the Spanish language and will give them solid, useful, and real-world language skills.

Lead – Spanish for teens aged 16+

Lead, our program dedicated to learn Spanish for teens, is available online for teenagers 16 or older. Using the Spanish language, the program will develop your teenager’s leadership skills and cultural awareness, making them attractive scholarship and job candidates.

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Contact us today with your questions. We can work together to find the course that’s right for you – with no obligation on your part. Your Berlitz team will contact you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the right Spanish course for your child based on their age and their experience with the language. Berlitz offers various language programs for kids and teens:

  • Our Explore program introduces children between 8 and 11 to their new language and culture.
  • Our Achieve program for kids aged 12-15 will help your child improve their language skills and gain useful real-world experience.
  • With our Lead program for teens from the age of 16, students learn about leadership and the importance of cultural understanding.

Your child can learn Spanish with our online classes for kids to save time on commuting.

Kids can take online Spanish classes in a one-on-one setting with Berlitz Algeria.