Russia is one of the largest countries in the world and millions of people speak Russian globally. At Berlitz, we make it easy to learn Russian through proven language-learning techniques. At the core of the Berlitz Russian classes is the Berlitz Method, which focuses on immersive language learning. When you begin your Russian lessons with Berlitz, you will begin speaking the language immediately. Our Berlitz-certified native-fluent instructors are professionals in both Russian and our immersive language techniques, allowing them to guide confidently towards fluency.

Berlitz's Russian language courses also focus on cultural lessons that allow you to better understand how to use the language. While learning the fundamentals of Russian is important, it is just as important to understand the way the language is used. This includes nonverbal communication with signals, hand gestures, word choice, and much more. This Russian cultural training sets the Berlitz Russian classes apart. After your Russian language learning with Berlitz, you will feel confident speaking the language with native speakers in any setting.

Learn Russian online

Online Russian learning with Berlitz makes it even easier to start learning. You will have the option to learn anywhere, just as long as you have a strong internet connection. This flexibility means you can work your Russian courses into your normal life. Take your Russian classes at work, at home, or on the go. Whatever works best for you is possible with Berlitz's Russian lessons online.

Best of all, Russian lessons online feature the same proven language learning techniques as our in-person classes. You will still learn with a live, Berlitz-certified instructor and you will still get the immersive language training. The only difference is rather than having to drive into a language center, you will meet in a digital environment that allows for the same level of communication and interaction.

Tourists in Russia holding a map and talking to each other in Russian

Why learn Russian?

Russian is estimated to be spoken by 144 million people worldwide, making it a top 5 language in the world. It also has huge cultural and social influence, with many large corporations and tourist destinations located in Russian-speaking countries. Russian language learning can provide great opportunities for both business and travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start learning Russian with Berlitz Algeria, one of our instructors will conduct an oral exam with you via the phone to ensure we get you the class that suits you the best. You can also take our online placement test to assess your current language level. After completing the oral test, our expert team will recommend you a course that fits your level. We offer beginner Russian courses as well as classes for intermediate and advanced students.

Learning Russian will improve your educational and career aspects. By learning with Berlitz Algeria's Russian classes, you will:

  • have the opportunity to learn in a group with other motivated students or enjoy the undivided attention of your native-fluent instructor in a private setting
  • attain language skills through various fun and engaging activities
  • speak Russian from your very first lesson
  • gain useful, real-world conversation and listening skills

You can decide which Russian course suits you the best based on your goals and preferences. Berlitz Algeria offers Russian lessons for all ages and learning styles:

  • Online group courses are best for people located anywhere in Algeria who prefer learning in a social environment.
  • Online private classes are a good choice if you want a personalized learning journey online.
  • Online intensive courses are available on demand and are the best fit for those who want to improve their skills at an even faster pace.

You can take Russian classes online from anywhere with Berlitz.

Yes, you can. Berlitz Algeria offers multiple options for Russian lessons online:

  • Online group courses are perfect for social people preferring the freedom of online learning.
  • Online private courses offer students personalized learning content in a one-on-one online setting with an instructor.