Learning English in Algiers is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your career and personal improvement. With Berlitz, you will have personalized, immersive classes that are specifically designed to help you gain practical knowledge and confident language skills. Our immersive teaching method focuses on developing strong conversational skills so that you will speak your target language from your first class. Courses at Berlitz come in all forms, settings, and levels so that you can enjoy your language-learning experience with us to the max.

In-person English courses in Algiers

Taking face-to-face classes is ideal for building your language skills and immersing yourself in a new culture. Whether you like learning in a private or a group setting, our in-person English classes will provide you with countless opportunities to practice speaking English and achieve your language-learning goals.

Private classes

Our private English courses in Algiers feature one-on-one language lessons with a Berlitz-certified instructor. If you like to learn at your own speed and decide how much time you want to spend on certain topics, this course is for you.

Group classes

If you enjoy socializing and studying with other students, this course is perfect for you. Our group classes are set in an encouraging environment and allow you to practice your new language skills with peers who are on the same learning journey as you.

Intensive classes

With our intensive classes, you can learn English in Algiers quicker and more efficiently than ever before. During the month of August, you can take 5 classes in 5 days and improve your skills fast.

Why learn English in Algiers with Berlitz?

Students attending a course in Berlitz's language center in Algiers

Berlitz language center in Algiers

  • Located in the Hydra district of Algiers behind Rylou Voyages.
  • Accessible via bus from stations Hydra and Said Hamdine.
  • Offers 13 classrooms equipped with air conditioning, smart TVs, and water fountains.
  • Students can join debate clubs during Ramadan nights.
    Group of students and their instructor talking during their English class in Berlitz Algiers

    Get started learning English at any level with Berlitz Algiers

    Not everyone looking to take English classes will start on the same level. And that's okay!

    Our English courses in Algiers are available at all levels and support you throughout your whole language-learning journey.

    Beginner English courses

    Having a basic command of the English language is certainly a useful skill to have if you live in Algiers. With our beginner courses, you can build the foundations needed for fluency.

    Intermediate English courses

    Do you already have some knowledge of the English language and now want to take the next step toward fluency? Learn to converse with others on diverse topics and build confidence with our intermediate English courses.

    Advanced English courses

    If you are ready to master English, our advanced English language classes in Algiers allow you to make your final steps to fluency. During your classes, you will learn to hold complex conversations and communicate smoothly and effectively in any situation.

    Woman attending and online English course with Berlitz Algeria from her laptop and making notes

    Online English classes with Berlitz

    Are you looking for an alternative way to learn English in Algiers? With our online classes, you can save time commuting and take your classes from your workplace, a café, or the comfort of your home. We offer a variety of private, group courses and self-paced lessons for those who want to mix learning on their own with the guidance of their instructors.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can take English classes in Algiers at Berlitz's language school. Our building is located in the Hydra district of Algiers, on Sidi Yahia Boulevard, making it easy to get to via public transport. We’re just a few minutes from Hydra and Said Hamdine bus stations.

    If you want to save time commuting, you can also learn English online.

    You can choose the best English courses in Algiers based on your learning styles and schedule. Berlitz Algiers has a variety of classes to fit your preferences:

    Berlitz Algiers offers English classes for all levels. Start with our beginner courses and move to our intermediate and advanced classes. Before you begin your English classes with us, one of our instructors will conduct a language test over the phone with you to ensure we get you the class that fits you the best. To check your current level of English, you can also complete our online placement test.