Why get started with Berlitz Arabic lessons for beginners

When you learn Arabic with Berlitz, you will open opportunities to build valuable business and social relationships with native speakers across West Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.

Our Arabic lessons for beginners are based around immersion, so you will start speaking the language from day one. This means you learn to speak Arabic in real-world conversations— taking the lessons off the page and into your life.

Importantly, when you study Arabic with Berlitz Algeria, you will learn the language and the cultural nuances of native speakers. As a result, you learn to speak freely and fluently and can navigate any situation in Arabic.

What will you learn in our beginner Arabic lessons?

Our Arabic learning for beginners progresses through four proficiency levels. You will learn to do the following in each level:

Student talking in Arabic during a beginner Arabic class with Berlitz Algeria

Berlitz Level 1 | CEFR Level A 1

  • Make new friends by introducing yourself and explaining the basics of who you are, what work you do, and where you’re from.
  • Embark on culinary adventures, ordering food in Arabic and discussing your food preferences.
  • Ask basic questions, book appointments, and read and tell the time.
  • Ask for (and give) basic directions.
  • Shop: check prices, compare products, and make purchases.
  • Make and receive calls and leave appropriate messages.
Man making a phone call after his beginner Arabic class with Berlitz Algeria

Berlitz Level 2 | CEFR Level A 2.1

  • Plan your trip abroad and talk about your schedule with Arabic-speaking tour guides and travel agents.
  • Discuss your work responsibilities in simple language.
  • Seek medical aid, discuss symptoms, and order medication.
  • Chat about your hobbies.
  • Talk to new friends and colleagues about your home and life.
  • Discuss basic technology and get help for simple tech issues.
Woman holding her phone and learning Arabic  with Berlitz Algeria

Berlitz Level 3 | CEFR Level A 2.2

  • Make plans with business colleagues and new friends and suggest places to meet and socialize.
  • Talk about your holiday plans and hobbies in detail.
  • Watch movies in Arabic, buy tickets, and attend events.
  • Discuss local traffic and get specific directions.
  • Chat with colleagues about budgets and project specifications.
Students giving each other a high five during an Arabic class for beginners with Berlitz Algeria

Berlitz Level 4 | CEFR Level A 2.3

  • Actively participate in social activities and events.
  • Talk to locals, ask for a favor, and say sorry.
  • Detail your personal abilities and work skills.
  • Talk about your personal and business finances.
  • Discuss news and local events.
  • Describe your plans in detail.

Further Arabic language levels

Couple sitting on a couch and looking up intermediate Arabic classes with Berlitz Algeria on a laptop

Arabic at the intermediate level

The next step in your journey to fluency, learning Arabic at an intermediate level will up-skill you to have natural, straightforward conversations in contextual settings. You will also be able to hold more sustained conversations at a deeper level.

Man shaking hands and talking professional Arabic after their language course with Berlitz Algeria

Advanced and professional Arabic

Whether speaking in a professional, personal, or educational setting, you will be able to confidently hold complex and sophisticated conversations in Arabic with diverse audiences.

Berlitz offers Arabic courses for everyone

At Berlitz, Arabic learning for beginners is just the start of what we offer. We want to open the world of language for everyone, so whether you are looking for beginner Arabic lessons or you are an intermediate or advanced Arabic speaker, we can help you improve your skills and fluency. You will be supported through your study by expert native-fluent speaking instructors who are committed to your development and success.

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Frequently asked questions

We want to make sure you enroll in the best course for your proficiency, goals, and language development. That’s why, before you start learning Arabic from scratch, we will conduct a simple language test. Your answers will help us match you to the perfect course.

Absolutely! Our online Arabic lessons are perfect for busy people. You choose when and where you learn, and you can access your lessons on any mobile device.

You can take Arabic lessons for beginners online from anywhere with Berlitz.

That depends on which course you choose. All course participants can see significant learning success after just a few weeks and advance at least one Berlitz level per course. If you choose one of the intensive courses, you can even improve your language level even faster.