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Providing language training opportunities for your employees internally at your the company has many advantages, but it may require a lot of extra work and energy on the part of your HR team to organize, execute, and sustain a successful training program.

In our nearly 30 years of operation in Hungary we have answered the language training challenges of hundreds of companies of various sizes ranging from competence level testing for applicants and existing employees through providing general language training to offering specific skills trainings. During this time we have been constantly improving our administrative processes so that we can provide maximum support in the organization and documentation of these programs.

Our company has met the standards of the IOS 9001:2015 qualification. In our latest annual internal audit we achieved a 94% level of general compliance, and 100% in customer care.

How we operate

In order to provide easy access to all important information regarding our courses we manage most of our business processes online:

  • How courses are organized: The administration of the time and content of classes is conducted on an online platform, to which your company is also given access. The platform gives you real-time information about class attendance levels, the number of classes remaining, cancellations, the instructor, the class schedule, etc.
  • Digital questionnaires: During the courses we measure our students’ satisfaction level at various points by asking them in email to fill out pointed questionnaires. Test results are also delivered to our clients in email.
  • Digital material: There are no lost or misplaced books anymore! Our unique platform lets you access the learning materials from various devices, including your phone, so they are literally never out of your reach.

The process of learning

The Berlitz Learning Cycle is a fundamental part our teaching methodology. In this system the material is presented and practiced in carefully designed cycles in which new elements are introduced gradually, as if building block by building block. This approach ensures a steady pace and high quality of learning, and it makes our courses especially adaptable to your company’s needs.

Needs assessment and proposal


As we assess your needs, we determine the specific tasks that await us:

  • What linguistic challenges are we seeking a solution to?
  • How many people should we plan for?
  • What are the preferred modes of learning? (online or in-person courses, private or group setting)
  • We establish the goals we want to achieve and the timelines we can achieve them in.
  • We explore what our clients’ expectations are.

All this information is indispensible in order for us to be able to put together an offer that is truely customized to your company’s needs.

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Needs assessment and proposal
Level testing and course information
First impressions
Tracking progress
Measuring performance, closing


Would you like to learn more about our courses? Please fill out a request form so our corporate account manager can get in touch with you and, after learning more about your needs, can make you a customized offer. This meeting is purely informative and does not entail any obligation on your part.

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