Why learn Hungarian?

You are living in the Hungary or thinking of moving or visiting? Do you have Hungarians in your work teams and you need to communicate with them? Do you want to discover the beauty of Budapest or enjoy the well-know Hungarian baths? Order a world-known Hungarian Tokaji wine by yourself in Hungarian or discuss anything and everything with locals over a glass!

A very important language for both travel and business, learning Hungarian can unlock a host of opportunities. Hungarian classes are important to fully understand how to use the language. The Hungarian language has many cultural aspects that are important in ensuring a message is conveyed correctly. With the Berlitz Hungarian classes, you will learn these cultural elements in conjunction with the fundamentals of the Hungarian language, giving you confidence in actually using the language with native speakers.

When you learn Hungarian with Berlitz, you will begin using the language immediately with the Berlitz Method. This philosophy is based on immersive language learning, meaning you will speak Hungarian with a Berlitz-certified native-fluent instructor throughout your Hungarian classes. This method is the fastest, most effective way to learn a language and will help you learn Hungarian fast.


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