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Our current offer: Sign a contract for a 160-unit package of individual language instruction and you will get a 30% discount from our regular course fees!

Enjoy all the benefits of private learning:

  • a flexible schedule tailored to your needs,
  • content adapted to your specific interests,
  • individually adjusted pace.

Take advantage of the benefits of private instruction. Let us help you prepare for institutional language exams, navigate the linguistic challenges of your profession, or improve your business skills in your chosen foreign language. With 160 units of instruction you can elevate your language competence from beginner level to conversational proficiency, or you can further improve your existing language skills.

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Learn at your own pace and practice speaking your new language with a dedicated teacher at one of our several locations.

Private language lessons are for those who:

  • Prefer personalized instruction
  • Like to learn at your own pace—you decide how fast or slow to take this course
  • Want maximum opportunities to speak and practice your new language
Our private language courses allow you to learn comfortably in a one-on-one setting. In-person private classes at one of our language centers allows individualized learning with our expert instructors. Before you start learning your consultant sits with you and develop a personally-tailored study plan that suits your objectives and time frame.

Berlitz in-person language classes provide flexibility to make up classes online. If you can’t make it to your Learning Center for any reason, you can still take the class online with a live instructor. This flexibility helps keep you on track and working towards your language goals.

Discover the Berlitz Method and find out how learning with Berlitz works.