Learning through immersion is one of the fastest ways to learn and understand a new language. The key principle of our intensive language program portfolio is gradation – warm up your current knowledge with a course set to your individual pace, develop further with an Immersion Light course, then sign up for Total Immersion®, the mother of all language learning!

Why choose private classroom instruction?

Individual language lessons have many advantages - this form of tuition gives us the possibility to tailor your course to your needs in terms of level, topic and schedule. Our language centers provide the calm and comfortable environment necessary for your undisturbed learning. Furthermore, your classroom tuition gives us an opportunity to meet You in person.

Private language lessons are for those who:

  • Prefer personalized instruction
  • Enjoy personal interaction
  • Like to learn at your own pace—you decide how fast or slow to take this course
  • Want maximum opportunities to speak and practice your new language

Think big and achieve your language goal! Discover the Extra package!

Whether it's for travel, work or just as a hobby, being multilingual can open so many doors. Take advantage of the benefits of private instruction. Let us help you prepare for institutional language exams, navigate the linguistic challenges of your profession, or improve your business skills in your chosen foreign language.

Sign a contract for a 160-unit package of individual language instruction and enjoy a lower price!

Enjoy all the benefits of private learning:

  • a flexible schedule tailored to your needs,
  • content adapted to your specific interests,
  • individually adjusted pace,
  • online and/or face-to-face classes.

With 160 units of instruction you can elevate your language competence from beginner level to conversational proficiency, or you can further improve your existing language skills.

To find out more, please fill out our form and sign up for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

At our in-person classes you can study English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian along with some others on request. Please find the list of the language you can learn online here.

Both our private and group classes are made up of 45-minute units, including a 5-minute break. Our students normally take two units at a time, so the minimal length of one session is 90 minutes (2 units) with breaks as needed.

Our international group classes (Berlitz Live Online) last either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on group size.

The coaching sessions that come with our Berlitz Flexible online courses are 25 minutes long.

The group workshops accessible from our Cyber Teachers student platform last 30 minutes each.

The ideal level of intensity varies from student to student, but a minimum of two sessions per week (2X2) is generally recommended. During the free consultation prior to enrollment, we explore, among other things, what your expectations are about reaching your goals and how much time you can devote to language learning in general. Based on this information, our consultant will then give you an offer customized to your personal needs.

In order to assess our students’ language competency levels more accurately, we have developed our own competency scale, which offers a finer differentiation than the one provided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).Our students’ listening comprehension and active speaking skills are tested against and placed along a level-scheme that extends from 1 (beginner level) to 10 (native level).

The number of units needed to complete a Berlitz competency level depends on the type of course taken:

Once you sign up for a Berlitz language course, we will assess your language proficiency and indicate the right language program for your needs and goals. Prior to the course you can also test your current level with our online placement test which is available to test your language skills in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The time required to achieve the goals you set for yourself depends on your current level of competence and on the intensity of the course. So the answer to this question is determined through a free level test combined with a pre-enrollment consultation with our instructional specialist so you can be given a truly personalized offer.

Our instructors are native speakers or professionals that speak the target language at a native level. Many of our instructors have a background in business as well. Before they can teach our classes, all our instructors must pass our internal Berlitz Training course, where they learn the Berlitz method together with all the relevant course materials and class management techniques. Their work is regularly monitored by our chief instructional specialist.

We use our own self-developed general language and business materials, which are available both online and in paper-based print versions.

The course package contains the student book matching your skill level and interests as well as the audio recordings that come with the book.

We start courses continuously upon demand all year around.

We adjust the starting dates of our 4 to 8 person youth and children’s groups to terms of the school year.

Our instructors are available for teaching in the following time periods:

  • in person teaching: weekdays from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, Saturdays from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm
  • online: weekdays from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm

Our Berlitz Flex and CyberTeachers learning platforms can be used anywhere anytime.

  • Private and closed group classes: Before the first class, the students receive an e-mail containing the link that will let them enter the online classroom. Naturally, our online courses also follow the Berlitz method.
  • Berlitz Live Online: Our colleagues will show you how to use the program in a technical class scheduled at an agreed time. This demonstration is conducted in English.
  • Berlitz Flexible and Cyber Teachers: On the first day of your access period, you will be e-mailed a link containing the information you need for accessing the program. On the platform you will also find instructional videos that walk you through each program function and task-type.

We only have a minimum age requirement for our courses, which is 7 seven years of age. Anyone older than 7 and interested in learning languages is welcome in our courses.

Please fill out the form below so our representative can contact you and tell you all the details about the courses and the enrollment process. Our staff is ready to answer your phone inquiries during our regular business hours at the following numbers: 70 336 5475 and 06 70 336 5473.

The price of a course depends on its type and on the number of classes booked. We have put together our program selections with the intent to offer solutions for all budgets.

Our fixed-price offers for adults:

  • Berlitz Flexible English 6 months access: 149.400 Ft
  • Berlitz Flexible English 12 months access: 274.800 Ft
  • Berlitz Flexible German 6 months access: 187.400 Ft
  • Berlitz Flexible German 12 months access: 356.400 Ft
  • Berlitz Flexible French 6 months access: 187.400 Ft
  • Berlitz Flexible French 12 months access: 356.400 Ft
  • Berlitz Flexible Spanish 6 months access: 149.400 Ft
  • Berlitz Flexible Spanish 12 months access: 274.800 Ft
  • Cyber Teachers 6 months access: 69.900 Ft + ÁFA
  • Cyber Teachers 12 months access: 99.900 Ft + ÁFA

Our fixed-price offers for children:

  • 30 units in a closed group of 2: 127.500 Ft/person*
  • 30 units of prepping for matriculation or language exams in closed groups of 2 to 3: 107.500 Ft/person

*this price does not include the price of the learning materials and the administration fee

To pay for the courses, you can choose either of the following payment methods:

  • in person with a bank card or in cash at one of Language Canters,
  • by wire transfer.

Extending beyond language teaching, our corporate portfolios include language competency level testing as well as organizing intercultural and other soft-skills training programs. To request a consultation or an offer, please fill out our request form. Our corporate account managers are ready to answer your phone queries during our regular business hours at the following numbers: 06 70 336 5471 and 06 70 611 7560.


Contact us and book an appointment for a consultation during which one of our colleagues will assess your language skills and will design a course for your needs. This meeting is free of charge and carries no further obligation.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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