The best way to learn a new language is through speaking – this approach is central to our group classes at Berlitz.In our classroom sessions, students not only acquire fundamental conversational skills, but they also learn such important aspects of communication as facial expression, body language, and gesticulation.

In our classroom group sessions students form small communities and help each other in the learning process, which is an easier and more fun way of learning for most people.

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Learning in a group setting allows you to improve your language skills in great spirits as you will enjoy the company of your fellow students while using the trusted Berlitz method in a supportive environment. Band together with your friends and colleagues, and tackle together the linguistic challenges ahead of you. The trainings take place in our language centers, but you may also choose to do it online.

The advantages of group learning:

  • group members know each other, their skill levels are similar, and their goals are the same
  • groups can be started any time with as few as two members
  • because of the small class sizes (2 to 3 people), every member in the group gets the same amount of attention
  • the interactions among group members have a special pedagogical significance
  • thanks to our situational role-play exercises, students have a high amount of active speaking time
  • it is a cost-effective solution

Features of our group classes:

  • schedules are adjusted to the members’ needs
  • you can choose between general or business topics
  • targeted improvement in various general or business topics, vocabulary building in specialized fields
  • consolidating the confident use of various grammatical structures
  • practicing every-day situations and scenarios


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