Effective Global Business English Communication

A private course is the fastest, most flexible, and most effective way to learn English and acquire specific terminology. Each lesson follows the unique Berlitz method, so you are fully immersed in your target language.

You choose the intensity, schedule, and topics of the private course. This way, you will learn only the necessary expression – whether you aim to improve your general business skills or focus on a particular industry.

Your Berlitz-certified native or bilingual instructor will convey the cultural nuances through habits, nonverbal communication, and situational language use, boosting your confidence in speaking in English both domestically and abroad.

Personalizing Your Business Course

To make your course as personalized as possible, we need some essential information. As we assess your needs, we determine the specific tasks ahead:

  • What linguistic challenges are we addressing?
  • What are your preferred modes of learning (online or in person)?
  • Should we focus on improving general business skills or dive into a specific field?
  • What timeline can we set up?
  • What are your expectations?

Administrative background

Discover more about some practical details:

  • - quality assurance,
  • - administrative background,
  • - needs assessment and course organization,
  • - the learning process.

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