Berlitz supports businesses, managers, and leaders in increasing their intercultural and management skills. With solid intercultural knowledge and practical business skills, you will be more than able to master the global challenges we all currently face.

We can offer you tailored training solutions with a national or global focus on numerous topics and in a variety of formats.

Our range of international management seminars

Working in global teams

Develop solutions for conflicts, learn to identify warning signals, and consider the different personality types.

Global meetings

Learn how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your international meetings.

International leadership and corporate cultures

Get the best out of the diversity within your company.

Global presentations

Learn how to take into consideration different culturally determined preferences.

Global negotiations

Learn how to identify important key factors to help you in international contexts.

Learn more about the Berlitz online live seminars, and get to know our trainers and the training formats that we offer.

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