It is not enough for most employees just to be knowledgeable in their field: these days it is also expected that they have developed strong communication skills, effective working methods, and strategic capabilities. Berlitz Business Seminars can help you here. We provide practical support to managers and leaders in developing and deepening their management capabilities and soft skills.

Our range of seminars for managers and leaders

Woman learning how to become a successful leader

Becoming a successful leader

Learn how to develop your individual leadership style and to install enthusiasm within the staff.

leader learning how to form good relationships with the staff

Influencing without Authority 1 + 2

Learn techniques to quickly form good relationships with your staff without explicitly exerting your authority.

leader discussing with his team how to exceed the potential of the individual members

Building, developing and managing teams

Get invaluable expertise on the leadership of groups so that the team performance exceeds the potential of the individual members.

two laptops on a table during online meeting

Working online with teams

Learn how to develop rules for online and intercultural communication.

guys in an office learning how to assign responsibility to teams

Change management

Learn how to assign responsibility to teams, and see how employees can grow as individuals through change processes.

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