International management program

Berlitz supports businesses, managers and leaders in increasing their intercultural and management skills. With solid intercultural knowledge and practical business skills, you will be more than able to master the global challenges we all currently face.

We can offer you tailored international management training solutions with a national or global focus for numerous topics and in a variety of formats.

Our range of international management seminars

Management and Leadership

The demands on today’s leaders are many and varied: they have to motivate their employees, gain their buy-in in difficult situations and resolve conflicts successfully, while never losing sight of their goals. In our Leadership Seminars you will learn valuable skills and strategies which you can immediately apply in your workplace.

Organizational Development

Our team of Systemic Organizational Development expert advisors accompany both businesses and employees through the change process. Highly qualified and experienced, they look at the organization as a whole, identify the potential for change, and provide leaders, employees and teams with recommendations and new insights.

Personal and Professional Skills

Are you looking for new ideas to help you move forward, personally and professionally? Alongside our effective Change Management seminars, we also offer practical trainings on the topics of Creativity, Problem Solving, Self-Management and Conflict Management. Our new tools and approaches will support you in breaking out of your comfort zone.

Project Management

How do you successfully manage a project and what tools are available to you? These and further questions lie at the heart of our trainings on the topic of Project Management for national and international teams.

Individual Coaching

Would you like to engage in a 1:1 discussion to evaluate your current situation and gain new insights? Whether you wish to change something in your existing position, or follow an entirely new path, individual coaching will give you the opportunity to look at your current situation with new eyes. Your own personal needs and wishes are our focus.

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