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For more than 140 years, Berlitz has been applying its expertise, experience and innovation to help people and companies achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to learn English, Spanish, Italian, French, German or more, we’ve got a language program to suit your needs.

As companies expand globally, the risk for miscommunication increases dramatically. Berlitz has vast experience and expertise in teaching real-world language and cultural fluency to business people around the globe. We can train your teams to speak and write at the language level needed for their business role and help them understand and embrace other cultural teams they are likely to work with to drive productivity. Our immersion classes, our face-to-face language training and online tools can provide flexibility that works for busy schedules and varied budgets.

We are people-centered and business focused

Through our wide variety of business language courses, we can work with you to train one employee or your entire organization. Business language classes can be taken face-to-face or online, always with live, instructor-led lessons for maximum learner participation. Our enthusiastic, fluent instructors will help guide your employees to learn the new language. 

Berlitz business courses offer:

  • Customized programs, catered to suit the needs of your business to teach the skills your staff needs to meet business goals, according to your industry and their job function
  • Cross-cultural communication training with tools, like Cultural Navigator, to identify gaps in communication styles
  • Content with vocabulary specific to your business
  • Multiple, instructor-led delivery options, including face-to-face at a learning center or on campus, online or a blended option so that your employees can learn according to their schedules and learning preferences
  • Relocation services to ensure a comfortable transition for executives and their families when relocating
  • Various language options including: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and others on request

Additional benefits of our business language classes

Content: A wide range of topics to choose from – from tried-and-tested standard courses to customized in-house solutions for your employees.

Language level: Before starting training, we test the proficiency of all participating employees so we can offer the best possible learning solutions, in line with their language level.

Business services: We work with you to develop a training plan that aligns with your scheduling and budget requirements as well as your employees’ learning goals. We support your HR department throughout the entire process: planning, organization, implementation, and evaluation.

Austria-wide team of advisors: Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise or a global corporation, our team of advisors across Austria are always there for you. We are also happy to look after your learning if it extends beyond the borders of Austria.

Integrated competencies: In addition to languages, intercultural understanding and targeted business skills are the key to successfully communicating in an international environment. 

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