Further education is highly beneficial for companies and their employees. Our in-house training programs for employee development are an effective way for your staff to build targeted foreign language skills.

You will benefit from all the advantages of our comprehensive education monitoring, starting with a needs analysis defining individualized content and levels of language competence and a detailed performance review.

There are numerous government grants and subsidy programs available for our courses.

Government subsidy programs for companies in Vienna

WAFF subsidies

The Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (WAFF) offers free career and further education counselling and assistance. Berlitz is a WAFF recognized educational institution.

Initiative “45 Plus” - training for older workers in Viennese companies

Through the initiative “45 Plus”, companies are financially supported when it comes to the training of their older employees.

Levels of support:

  • Per company: up to € 20,000
  • Per employee: up to € 3,000
  • Each employee may receive support of up to € 3,000 for the following personnel development measures:
  • Job-related training including language courses: 50% of course costs up to a maximum of € 1,000
  • Apprenticeship or equivalent training courses, up to 90% of the course fee, to a maximum of € 3,000

Training support for Viennese companies - Professionals Initiative “Fachkräfte Initiative”

With the new Professionals Initiative, the WAFF and the AMS Vienna assist companies that want to support their employees in order to become a specialist.

Support is provided for:

  • Employees seeking professional/specialist qualifications
  • Vocational training for employees
  • Language courses for all types of employees

Levels of support: 

  • Up to 90% of the course fees, up to a maximum of € 3,000 for vocational qualifications, for example an apprenticeship or a comparable course.
  • Up to 50% of the course fees, up to a maximum of € 1,000 for vocational training and language courses for employees.

Innovation and Employment Grant

WAFF supports innovative companies: Through its Innovation and Employment Grant, WAFF supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Vienna with implementing innovative projects that aim to prevent possible forms of discrimination, in particular related to gender mainstreaming, diversity and more.

Support is provided for:

  • Personnel costs of innovation assistants
  • Innovation-related training costs
  • Consultancy costs if required

Levels of support::

  • Personnel costs: the personnel costs grant covers 50% of the gross pay (excluding allowances, bonuses, etc.) of each innovation assistant, up to a total maximum of €47,000.
  • If the targeted recruitment of an innovation assistant and other appropriate measures result in equal opportunities for women and men being strengthened within the company, a bonus of up to €5,000 may also be awarded.
  • Further education: the grant for further education costs covers 50% of the costs of further education programs provided by external training institutes and trainers, up to a maximum of €7,300.
  • Consultation: 50% of the consultancy costs are covered, up to a maximum of €4,700.

For more information: www.waff.at

Government Subsidy programs for companies in Upper Austria


Further training programs available to adults who wish to gain more qualifications and to advance their career.

Levels of support:

  • Up to 60 % of the course costs, maximum € 2.400 in total
  • Language courses up to a maximum of € 1.000 in total

For more information: www.land-oberoesterreich.gv.at

Language project weeks

Support for organizations participating in project weeks with native-speakers within Austria.

Levels of support: 

  • 50%, with a maximum of € 365 per class for foreign language projects

For more information: www.land-oberoesterreich.gv.at

Government grant programs for companies in other provinces

Wirtschaftsservice Burgenland AG (Wibag)

Promotion of education and training for entrepreneurs, specialists and managers.

Levels of support: 

  • Between 35% and 75% (base maximum € 15,000 per calendar year)

For more information: www.wibag.at

Bildungsscheck Salzburg

Supporting further education and training for qualifications that are either useful during the professional life or a prerequisite for a change in professions.

Levels of support:

  • 50% of the course costs up to a maximum of € 900 in total
  • Persons over 50 years receive funding up to a maximum of € 1,300 in total

For more information: www.salzburg.gv.at/bildungsscheck

Carinthian Economic Development Fund (KWF, Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds)

With expertise, advice and funding the KWF supports small and medium-sized enterprises with qualified non-seasonal jobs. This funds goal is to promote growth, innovation and project development in cooperation with existing funding agencies of the Federal Government and the EU.

Coverage of support and further information: www.kwf.at

The Development allowance of Tirol

Supports full time employees, independent contractors, women returning to the labor force, unemployed job seekers, people on (educational) leave and entrepreneurs.

Levels of support: 

  • Maximum of 30% of course fees

For more information: www.mein-update.at

Austria-wide subsidies for businesses

WKO - Grants for official training institutions

Official training institutions can apply for government support in voluntary and legal training programs including prep courses for final apprenticeship examinations and vocational training.

Levels of support: 

  • 75% of course costs, up to a maximum of € 1,100 per apprentice over the entire training period.
  • For further training, held as inter-company training, up to € 40 per day can be granted.

For more information: www.wko.at

Qualification grant for employees

Subsidized further education is available to employees whose highest completed level of education is compulsory schooling, an apprenticeship certificate, or vocational intermediate secondary schooling  as well as employees over the age of 45 who have completed a higher education.

Levels of support:

  • 50 % of course costs, 50 % of personnel costs after the 33rd course hour
  • Support cannot exceed more than € 10.000,– per person

For more information: www.ams.at

Entrepreneurship Program

Subsidizing young potential entrepreneurs who are in need of necessary qualifications. AMS pays for the costs of the training. Furthermore, financial protection for the duration of the training can be guaranteed under certain circumstances.

Levels of support:

  • Upon request
  • The entrepreneurship program usually lasts 6 month and is discussed between the young potential entrepreneur and the AMS on a case-by-case basis.

For more information: www.ams.at

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