This is why learning a foreign language pays off

  • Multilingualism is a good workout for your brain
  • A foreign language can advance your career
  • Learning a new language helps you broaden your horizons
  • If you speak several languages, you can more easily live and work in several countries
  • Learning a foreign language helps you build self-confidence

Learn a foreign language now and broaden your horizons

Whether for your professional development, as language test preparation or just because you want to: With Berlitz, you can learn any foreign language that interests you.

Thanks to our methods and our native-speaking trainers, you'll build confidence and make rapid progress from the very first lesson. The lessons are structured so that you learn the language from scratch like a native speaker. The topics are adapted to your wishes and requirements so that you can quickly reach your personal language goals.

These are the benefits of learning a language at Berlitz

  • Our course materials are perfectly aligned with the Berlitz Method, so you can easily understand the content and immediately apply what you have learned.
  • Total flexibility: find the course that suits you best
  • With our Berlitz Method, you'll be speaking the language from your very first lesson
  • We combine language with cultural understanding so you can immerse yourself entirely in the foreign language